Friday, 17 July 2015

An insta-catchup.

So, two years have passed since I blogged last.
Here's just a little something to fill you all in on what I've been upto all this time.
There's been a lot of selfies, for sure:

Notice how much my hair has changed in all this time!
Purple, red, brown, dip dyed and finally ombre. And in the next couple of weeks I'll be having micro loop extensions fitted, so it'll be changing again!

I've accumulated plenty of shoes over the years, my favourites include my banana Vans which were from the Depop app, which is good for a bargain, though sometimes it can be a little disappointing. My silver sandal heels from a Topshop sale, I have much love for <3

I've also had a few new other things, including a new tattoo! I've also invested in my own Christmas tree, which really made my Christmas special. I've been to Barcelona, which was amazing and oh so beautiful. I've also been on an access to nursing course, so that's why there's a photo of a dissected heart, and this is something I am very proud of (finishing the course... not dissecting the heart.)

Last weekend I went on a trip to London to see the great Ed Sheeran! Which was an amazing experience, especially considering Elton John made a guest appearance, which of course, was fantastic. And we went to London Zoo too! However, I can't help but feel sorry for the animals that are trapped in the enclosures, though the enclosures are huge and as close to the animals natural habitat as possible, dare I say there's just something a bit sinister about the fact that the animals are trapped there? Some of them looked so sad.

Finally, I've found my soulmate who insisted I mention him on my blog. I'm not getting soppy though, I'm just going to say that he's the best thing that has ever happened to me! His name is Sam and he also has a beautiful dog named Woody, who pretty much takes up my whole Instagram.

In my future posts, I hope to do lots of OOTD's, a couple of lifestyle posts and maybe some baking/cooking posts! If anyone else has any other suggestions about what I could post about, please let me know in a comment!

Thanks for reading,
speak to you soon!
Jessabelle xoxo

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  1. Lovely photos, thanks for the catch up! Tattoo is fab, heart dissection not so fab, shoes, selfies, and so many hairstyles aaallll faaab :D well done on your nursing course! I'd be interested to read more about that! I like OOTDs but only if there's enough writing with them, even just a bit of chatter so there is something more to comment on, and lifestyle posts :) xo
    amber love


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